Utility Fiber To The Home in Rural Tennessee

Utility Fiber To The Home in Rural Tennessee

In a 21st century digital world where economic vitality is found in communities with next-generation broadband, Newport Utilities has made strategic investments in fiber to bring gigabit Internet services to its electric customers. After years of suffering with slow, unreliable access in the area, Newport made the commitment to build a fiber to the home network to serve 100% of its customer base. 

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To be competitive in the local market, Newport would have to provide a bundle of Internet, television and telephone services to its customers. This meant building a high-speed fiber network that was capable of delivering all services with better quality and higher speed than the competition. Newport also needed to deploy the network rapidly to meet customer expectations of enhanced services within one year. Being new to the broadband industry, Newport needed a partner with deep experience planning, building and operating fiber to the home networks, and a team that understood the utility culture of service and reliability. 


Newport hired Magellan Broadband Solutions as its turnkey partner to plan, engineer, construct and deploy services to its customers. Magellan’s team of engineering, construction, electronics and operational professionals fast-tracked the deployment of the network, providing a turnkey solution that included: Business & Financial Planning, Investment-Ready Financial and Funding Plan, FTTH Design Engineering for 50,000 premises, FTTH Construction Management, Drop, Installation and In-Home Service Establishment, Inspections & Quality Assurance, Construction Accounting and Content Acquisition and Integration for IPTV, Phone, Internet & OTT Services.



Magellan achieved Newport’s aggressive timeline of delivering service to the first customers within year 1. Magellan served as an extension of Newport’s organization, providing best practices from other utility and broadband providers to guide and train Newport on building its broadband utility. Through Magellan’s services, Newport was able to connect customers rapidly and ensure the same high levels of service and reliability that it’s provided to electric customers for many years. Today, the network serves thousands of customers with world-class broadband, enables local businesses to compete globally and solves the major digital divide issues that Newport faced for years.   

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